Viviana Blihoghe im Gespräch

Viviana Blihoghe im Gespräch

What is your workshop about?

The workshop is all about togetherness and bringing together different cultures in the same pot.

‘Traditional food’ as we know it, in fact, is the result of melting of cultures and people migrating from one place to another.

To emphasize that, we will organize a Perișoare workshop where we will emphasize on the humble meatball and it’s various way to tell a different story and culture while making it ourselves. The meatballs will be then cooked in a delicious pot of beef soup that we will all enjoy at the very end of the workshop.

Perișoare is the ‘traditional’ Romanian meatballs cooked in broth and eaten as a soup. It is a popular recipe among the Romanian households and often considered a traditional Romanian recipe, where in fact the recipe comes from the Ottoman elite troops stationing on what it is now Romania. They adapted the recipe to the local environment and ingredients while preserving the method of cooking it. A melting pot of culture if you wanna put it this way. 

What I am trying to emphasize through this workshop is that there is no ‘traditional’ or ‘national’ or ‘correct’ way to cook a dish. Instead, I want to bring the focus on the enjoyability of being together while cooking and learning about different cultures.

What can we expect and what are you expecting?

I am not necessarily a fan of expectations since they can very easily disappoint, no matter the side. Therefore, through this workshop I aim at people being more aware on the food they’re bringing to their plate and where it’s coming from. I also hope that through this workshop the concept of ‘traditional food’ won’t be as easily used but instead understood as being the result of merged cultures.

What’s your connection to “Nacht der Jugend”?

I will be cooking for the event as well as conduct the Perișoare workshop.

Why do you think cooking together is an important encounter?

Maybe we don’t often realise the importance of cooking viewed as a powerful tool in harmoniously bringing together people from various cultures. Cooking together provides a safe ground for people to express their views on cooking that ultimately is being merged and resulted in a delicious dish. Nobody wants to fight or argue on what is traditional and what is not, what is cooked correctly and by whom and whom not while digesting their delicious food that they just made. 

Do we need any special talents or knowledge? Who can join your workshop?

No, there is no need for special talents or knowledge. All you need is clean hands and willingness to learn about food culture. And to be part of it, of course. Youth are strongly encouraged to participate but any other people interested in the event are more than welcome to participate.

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